Upcoming training dates

Work Role Interview

We are happy to introduce a new interview with training being available towards the end of the year.


What is the WRI

An interview of a person’s ongoing work role and experience, with the positive and negative elements experienced. The measure focuses on work strain (comprising difficulties, insecure prospects, negative interaction and felt low competence) as well as positives (commitments, positive interaction, competence and secure prospects).


How does it relate to wellbeing?

This interview has been used in prior research to show associations with depression due to work strain and difficulties, insecurity and disappointing events in those with high commitments. On the positive side new job opportunities increase attachment security and can aid depression recovery.

  • For parents with extensive childcare responsibilities the picture is mixed – work strain and conflict between work and parenting demands increases stress. However, having a work role as an alternative role can be beneficial.
  • For main wage earners the work role takes a large role in wellbeing, particularly when fulfilling and with unemployment being an important source of stress.


More about the interview and training

  • The interview takes around 40 minutes to administer and 80 minutes to score.
  • The training is two-day and involves undertaking a pilot interview
  • For those trained on the ASI or PRI many of the same measures are utilised – with the overall measurement approach being the same.


Who would benefit from this interview?

  • Organisations with concern for their workers wellbeing
  • Agencies assessing the impacts of home working and other dangers in the Covid19 context
  • Health and social care workers exploring stress in clients
  • Monitoring of work strain in emergency and front line services.