Attachment Style Interview ASI post-training resources

Ordering Attachment Style Interview Packs

Printed or Electronic copies of the ASI Interview Pack and other ASI resources are available to those who have completed full training. In response to practitioner demand, we have developed the pack utilising the latest PDF technology for convenience of use, for data sharing, and to fulfill agency demands for electronic storage of evidence-based assessment records. The PDF format document enables the Electronic ASI to be shared amongst members of an organisation and can be re-used an indefinite number of times. See flier for more information and prices.

ASI Rating Accuracy Check

Centre for Abuse and Trauma studies provides rating accuracy feedback from our research team. This includes full feedback on scores and rated evidence, and advice for report writing and feeding back ASI findings to clients. The cost of an individual Rating Accuracy Check is £100 per case (bulk discounts available, please contact us for more details).

If ordering copies of the printed ASI Pack together with Rating Accuracy Check services there is no minimum Pack order, as above. Please note that in unusually complicated cases our Rating Accuracy Check fee will be higher than £100 – if this is the case you will be informed of case complexity in advance and we will not proceed with Rating service until your approval/agreement is granted.

Advanced ASI training

The one day Advanced ASI workshop,a supplement to the Attachment Style Interview, is currently available to those who have trained on and use the ASI in practice. The focus of the workshop is on complex cases (for example those disorganised or with difficult reporting styles) in order to share experience of interviewing, rating and report writing.

The one-day Advanced ASI training involves use of case examples for rating, as well as group discussions to draw on practice experience, consistent with the ASI training. Case study material is used to highlight such cases and work through practice implications.

The Advanced ASI training will be suitable for the same practitioners (social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists) who already use the ASI in children’s services. It is only available to those fully trained in the ASI and who hold an attendance certificate for the ASI training.

Workshop briefings on the ASI & Evaluating the use of ASI

One-day workshops on the ASI are available for prospective or experienced users of the assessment tool. These can serve to outline the background and use of the interview in adoption and fostering with time to discuss particular team needs. Workshops can be arranged for a range of professionals involved in the services and adoption-fostering panel members. For enquiries or rates, contact Child and Family Training tel. 01904 624775.

Research services are also available for evaluating your team’s use of the ASI in relation to placement outcomes in adoption and fostering. For enquiries or rates, contact us at lifespantraining at