Child Attachment Style Interview (C-ASI)

We are pleased to announce news on our development of a new interview assessment tool to measure attachment in primary school aged children (age 7-12). The testing of the new Child Attachment Style Interview (C-ASI) measure is now in draft publication and shows good reliability and validity and suitability for practice use.

The child attachment interview is adapted from our adult and adolescent Attachment Style Interviews which are long established as tools for clinical and social care services. We responded to practitioner demand for a parallel, age appropriate measure that could be used with younger children. We tested it in both a school and in-care groups of children, to determine the extent of the child’s close relationships and their attachment security or insecurity. As with the adult measure, child attachment assessment interview determines Secure or degree of Enmeshed, Fearful, Angry-dismissive or Withdrawn style. Disorganised style is taken to be simultaneous expression of two different insecure styles.

The training package in Child Attachment Style Interview is now being developed to be rolled out in 2019. Please contact us to let us know if you are interested in any aspects of this new approach, and future training.