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Attachment Style Interview ASI for children

We are pleased to announce news on our development of a new standardised asssesment tool to measure attachment in primary school aged children (age 7-12). This new Child Attachment Style measure is now in the phase of final analysis and draft publication.

Our standardised research tool Attachment Style Interview (ASI) for adults, followed by the Adolescent version (ASI-AD), have long been used in adoption, fostering and child protection services to determine whether there is insecurity in the attachment style of parents, carers and prospective parents. However, there is also a need for child measures of attachment style. This is useful for matching child to parent in adoption settings; to establish the impacts of poor parenting on children, and to examine in relation to intervention and therapeutic change. The training format consists of two days together followed by the final day a few weeks later where pilot ASIs are discussed.

Please let us know if you are interested in any aspects of this new approach lifespantraining at