Attachment Style Interview ASI for Adolescents

Adolescent Attachment Style Interview (ASI-AD) one-day workshop is a supplement to the Adult Attachment Style Interview and is currently available to those who have trained on the Adult ASI. This will introduce the same measure but adapted for young people aged 14 or more. The ASI-AD assesses the young person’s support seeking behaviour and attitudes to relationships such as mistrust and fear of rejection to deduce the same overall styles as for adults. The support section covers parents and peers as well as other adults.

The ASI has been used successfully on adolescent research samples. The interview is modified slightly to cover support from parent rather than partner together with Very Close Others who can be either peers (e.g. friends or siblings/cousins) or adult support figures.

The training workshop includes adolescent case studies, review research on adolescent attachment and discussion of its use in practice. For further description and information regarding the standard ASI measure please see the general ASI pages for adults.

Read this brief fact sheet summarising the measurement properties and key research findings of Adolescent ASI to inform its use in health and social care services.

How might the ASI-AD be used?
The ASI-AD is currently being used to assess young people in residential care, and can be used as part of an evidence-based assessment to inform care planning for young people in need and those Looked After.

How does the ASI-AD differ to the ASI for adults?
The main changes are that more people asked as support figures (Mother and father figure are mandatory) and language of the questions is more suitable for the age group.

The one ­ day training will involve use of PowerPoint presentation, case examples for rating, as well as group discussions to draw on practice experience, consistent with the ASI training. Two trainers will be present for a maximum group of 16 trainees.

Who is the training suitable for?
The training will be suitable for the same practitioners (social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists) who already use the ASI in children’s services. It is only available to those fully trained in the ASI and who hold an attendance certificate for the training.

Next training date for Adolescent ASI interview: tbc (contact us for further information). The training will be taking place at our Hendon campus venue, North London. Please email us if you require further details or would like to book a place.

Please note that this training is only available to those who have attended full 4 day adult ASI training and hold a certificate of training.

Further reading: ‘Caring about attachment in young people in residential care: The use of the Attachment Style Interview‘ – Report of a voluntary sector and university partnership (‘Community Care Inform’ electronic information source. Spring 2012)