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Attachment Style Interview training has come to Australia!

In September-October 2019 Secure Base Solutions ran their first ASI training on Australian soil. All eight participants successfully completed the four day training which was held in the Boardroom of the Woolcock Institute in the inner west of Sydney. The participants came from across the child welfare sector and brought with them a range of work experiences including foster carer, youth homelessness, reunification work and early intervention.There was a real recognition within the group of the validity of using an evidence based instrument to support best practice and to improve the outcomes for children and families, and much enthusiasm about being the first people in Australia to be taking the ASI back into their organisations.

The trainers, Lisa Gardiner and Liz Sanders, both of whom have many years experience in working with families for whom the impact of insecure attachment and developmental trauma is profound, are are excited to be rolling out the ASI in Australasia and believe that it will be welcomed across the sector. The next four day training in Sydney is scheduled for the 18th, 19th and 20th February and the 26th March. For further information about ASI training across Australasia please follow this link to visit their website.

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Attachmment Style Interview ASI training in Australia

Lifespan Training NEWS

Attachment Style Interview (ASI) Trainings in Northern Ireland

At CATS we are delighted to have been running a series of ASI trainings for clinicians and social workers in Northern Ireland. The 40 practitioners are all involved in adoption/fostering and family assessment and come from the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust (Belfast) and the Southern Health & Social Care Trust (Newry). The courses have been run by Catherine Jacobs and Andrea Oskis who found the trainings were well received and the trainees enthusiastic. We are grateful for the support from David Hamilton (Belfast) and Paul Cunningham (Southern Trust) in hosting the trainings and showing commitment to embedding this assessment in their services.

‘We have really enjoyed the training and are really happy to see the outplaying of this in the ASI work that the attendees are now regularly producing’. (Paul Cunningham).

‘The training was extremely interesting and will help in all assessment work moving forward‘. (Trainee, Belfast).