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“I undertake attachment style interviews as the first step of the assessment for prospective foster carers and adopters and use it systematically. The ASI-AF provides our agency with an additional tool in assessing prospective cares and adopters. It helps social workers recognise both weakness factors and resources in regards to carer’s ability to manager and function under stressful situations. Its use is definitely optimised if undertaken at the first stage of the assessment. It offers a deep understanding of the applicants’ attitudes and feelings and of their close supportive relationships.”

“Excellent four days, it will revolutionise how I undertake some aspects of my adoption assessments.”

“PRI has capacity for eliciting information about parenting and dynamic interactions that often takes weeks/months to obtain through other questioning”

“I have both enjoyed this training as well as being challenged intellectually and emotionally. The ASI is something I will use in my practice as well as a continuing learning where I will look closely at the importance of Attachment Theory. This training has enhanced both my knowledge base as well as the decision making that am having to do. Thank you.”

“The course fulfilled my aims and helped me to look at ways to focus my work during assessment. It gave me a better understanding of the support people need and who they are. The trainers gave good examples, listened and helped me work through ideas. They were very approachable and encouraged discussion.”

“I found the Parenting Role Inventory (PRI) extremely helpful in my clinical work with parents with complex needs… I would highly recommend this tool for practitioners working within social care and/or core CAMHS”.